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RE: Please Drop a Note of Welcome to Our Newest Team Member!

Here's a picture of our rockin' team! Not pictured: the amazing woman behind the camera (me)!

Greetings Newer Girl,

Welcome to the seventh floor of HealthMe, where the magic of selling health insurance happens every, single, blessed day. It can be overwhelming learning the ins and outs, but I want you to know that you can always put time on my calendar if you ever have a question about something or need help. Four months ago, I was in your same shoes.

Not that you actually need the help. Seriously, you seem like you’re getting settled extremely well. I came by your desk the other day to chat, and your cubicle was already decked out with inspirational quotes, an essential oil diffuser, and pictures upon pictures of you and your friends. So many friends, how do you keep up? Do you guys celebrate everyone’s birthday as they occur, or do you just have one collective birthday party? That’s what I’d do.

All that my cubicle has is Kirk Hlam’s name placard. Kirk is who I replaced after he suddenly died.

Luckily, the Help Desk said they’re working on getting my name placard put in, but I think they’ve been really busy lately. I’m really happy you got yours though! Our boss, Joan, is super considerate and had a rush order put in so that it would be here by your first day. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

And talk about neighborly. Truly, thank you so much for bringing in an M&M dispenser to share with all of us. I’ve noticed your desk has become quite the hotspot for casual banter! What a great idea to get to know people in an approachable, informal, yet unforgettable way. What do you guys talk about by the way? I had planned on introducing you around, but you already know like twice the amount of people I do, haha. The other day your M&M bash spilled over into my cubicle and Jeremy almost sat on my lap. Ope! This little old seat is occupied, but I didn’t mind. In fact I felt kind of bad that he had to go bring over another chair. I stood at my desk today and rolled my chair over to your dispenser so that he could use it. Did he?

If you’re still making acquaintances, I can introduce you to the gals at the Help Desk! If you want?

Anywho, welcome to our little team! I know everyone can seem a little intimidating at first, but trust me they are awesome. Joan didn’t even know my name for the first three months! Seriously, she called me Kirk even though I’ve been dating her son, Nathan, for like 10 years. Don’t take it personally though, it’s just who she is. That’s what she told me the first time I corrected her anyway. However, I noticed this morning at your M&M dispenser (did you find it on Etsy?) that she offered to take you to lunch with some other teammates next week, so maybe she is turning a new leaf. If she mentions forgetting to invite me, tell her I was super busy that day anyway and probably couldn’t have made it! I don’t want her to feel bad :)

It’s rewarding enough for me to see how much our little team operates like a family unit. Everyone is always joking around and checking up on each other. I’ve never been much a chit-chatter, but I like being surrounded by the love. Speaking of love…

I’m sorry I won’t be at your two-week anniversary party tomorrow night (Is it true that the CEO coordinated it?!) Nathan and I are actually getting married! Hopefully you still get a decent turnout though because I invited the whole team to the wedding. They keep forgetting to RSVP, but Joan had “Kirk’s Memorial” typed into her Outlook Calendar. It’s so funny that “matrimony” auto-corrected like that.

Happy Friday's Eve,

Kirk Hlam

Claire Tadokoro

Ext: 5489

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